2019 TN Educator Survey

The Tennessee Educator Survey allows the department to collect annual feedback, and provides valuable information that highlights actionable lessons for state, district, and school leaders. Thank you to the more than 45,000 educators who participated in the 2019 survey.

Key findings include:

  • Two and a half to three hours seems to be the threshold of weekly individual planning time that teachers need to feel that their planning time is sufficient (view more lessons for school leaders).
  • Tennessee teachers feel positively about many aspects of their instructional materials, but spend substantial time creating or sourcing their own (view more lessons for district leaders).
  • Seven in 10 first year teachers report having a mentor. Three in 10 report that their mentors frequently engage in high-leverage coaching activities (view more lessons from new teachers).

Read the full 2019 survey report, co-authored by the department’s Division of Research and Analysis and the Tennessee Education Release Alliance (TERA), to learn about Tennessee teachers' thoughts on these topics and more. Explore the survey results to review state, district, and school level results in greater depth.   

To learn more about the survey from our partners at TERA, visit Tennessee Educator Survey, read the two-page survey overview, or direct further questions about survey administration to tned.research.alliance@vanderbilt.edu.