Business Data

Key dashboards for small business and entrepreneurs in Tennessee

Here you will find current data for businesses that have employees (and how many) or have no employees. There is also data based on business ownership by race, ethnicity, gender and veteran status.

All three dashboards allow you to sort your data by county, MSA (metropolitan statistical area) or statewide and by industry.


Economic Inclusion of Businesses

Information on business owners by race, ethnicity, gender and veteran status; includes data on businesses with and without employees. Data may be further sorted by industry (NAICS codes), geographic area (statewide, MSA, or county) and by year (2012, 2007, 2002).



Nonemployer  Firms

Businesses classifying as “nonemployers” have annual receipts of $1,000 or more and are subject to federal income taxes; most nonemployers are self-employed individuals. The majority of all business establishments are nonemployers, but due to their small economic impact, these firms are excluded from most other federal business statistics.



Small Business Employment

This dashboard includes employment at small businesses, job growth occurring among small businesses, and the age of Tennessee’s small businesses. The dashboard reflects private sector employers, thereby excluding nonemployers and government or other public sector organizations.