About ThreeStar

Mission: ThreeStar serves to promote economic and community prosperity through collaboration to positively impact every Tennessean.

Vision: To be an exceptional model for transforming Tennessee communities

ThreeStar is a strategic community development program developed to assist communities in preparing for a better future, for today and tomorrow – and for generations to come.

Certification in the ThreeStar program is based on annual documentation of local activity, evaluation and biennial participation in coordinated local stakeholder goal and activity planning.

Participating counties (and cities in these counties) will be eligible for a four percent discount (for eligible projects) on both the business development and community development ability-to-pay calculations (CDBG and FastTrack) each year the county fulfills the requirements of the ThreeStar program. CDBG also provides a bonus based on ThreeStar participation up to $25,000.

Additionally, only cities and counties that are active participants in the ThreeStar program are eligible to participate in other select TNECD Rural and Community Development programs. Finally, there is a grant available for counties to assist in completing one of the identified and submitted community goals.

For more information about ThreeStar, email Jody.Sliger@tn.gov or call 615-393-4393.