CDBG Resources

The following links are resources to information and data that support and inform the requirements of the CDBG program.

Citizen Participation Plan

All programs under the State of Tennessee's Consolidated Plan, including CDBG, must follow the requirements of the Citizen Participation Plan (CPP). The CPP applies to the state agencieswho administer these funds and also lays out the requirements for units of local government as recipients of the funds. The CPP can be found on the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) website here: 

Section 3


  1.  Request a DUNS number if one has not been previously obtained ( - Typically takes 1-2 business days
  2.  Prepare your data for SAM registration including your DUNS, business name, address, entity type, TIN, etc.
  3.  Create a account (Quick Start Guide).
  4.  Submit your request and finish. - Typically takes up to 10 business days for approval.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and US Code (USC)