Opportunities For Small Businesses

From time to time, the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) will post Requests for Proposals (RFPs), solicitations and public notices related to professional service procurements. These can be found on the Department of General Services, Central Procurement Office's website.

General areas are:

  • Medical Care (both large and small scale)
  • Mental Health Care (both large and small scale)
  • Drug Testing Services
  • Certain Food and/or Commodities

Additionally, there may be sub-contracting opportunities available. For more information contact the TDOC Division of Contracts Administration at 615-741-1000, ext. 8104.

TDOC has referral opportunities in the following areas:

  • Ex-Offender Housing
  • Employment of Ex-Offenders
  • Job-Readiness Training for Offenders
  • Mental Health Treatment

The Tennessee Sex Offender Treatment Board (TSOTB) has opportunities for treatment providers for the treatment of sex offenders. For more information in becoming a provider, visit the TSOTB's webpage.