Guide To Submit A Visitation Form For A Minor

1.       Determine If A Child Is Eligible To Visit A Friend Or Family Member

a.       Immediate family members and up to eight additional visitors may apply to be approved.

b.      A visitor may not be on more than one offenders’ visitation list unless they are an immediate family member.

c.       Visitors under age 18 must be accompanied by an approved visitor who is either the child’s parent or legal guardian.

d.      Current or former employees of TDOC, TRICOR, contract agencies, interns or practicum students shall not be approved unless they are immediate family members.

e.      Victims of an offender convicted of a sex offense will not be permitted to visit the offender.

f.        The warden/superintendent may disapprove a visitor if the visitor could have a harmful influence on the offender and/or may constitute a threat to security of the prison.

2.       Obtain A Visitation Form

a.       The form is available on our website to print.

b.      The offender may also request and send you a form.

3.       Complete The Visitation Form In Its Entirety

Additional forms are required for the protection of children.  They include:

a.      A notarized permission must be provided.

b.      Consent for the child to be searched must be submitted.

              c.      A copy of the child’s birth certificate must be submitted.

              d.      Children aged six or older shall updates photos at ages 6, 10, 14 & 18.  Additional updated photos may be requested.

4.       Submit The Visitation Form

a.       Address the envelope to: Associate Warden of Security (Deputy Superintendent at MLTC), Prison Name, and Prison Address.

b.      A current photo (not photo copy) must be included.

c.       Keep in mind that it takes approximately 30 days to process the form.

d.      Forms mailed to the offender will not be accepted.

e.      All forms are subject to an NCIC background check.

f.        No visitor shall be admitted for visitation until the application is approved, except for immediate family members of new offenders currently within 60 days from intake.

5.       Once the request has been processed, the offender will be notified by in-house mail whether or not the visitor is approved.  It is the offender’s responsibility to notify the applicant.

a.       Anyone that submits a falsified form will be disapproved and not allowed to resubmit a new form for a minimum of six months.