Offender Mail

The Tennessee Department of Correction houses more than 19,000 offenders at 14 prisons. Refer to Policy 507.02 - Inmate Mail for guidelines/restrictions on mail content.

To send mail to an offender, you will need to know the offender's committed name, TOMIS ID number, and name and address of the prison where the offender is being housed. To get this information, simply follow the steps listed below:

Step 1

If you do not already know the offender's TOMIS ID number and/or the name of the prison, click on FOIL - Inmate Search. You will need the offender's name and possibly a date of birth, if it is a common name.

Step 2

Once you have found the correct offender, you will need to write down the TOMIS ID number. Click on "location" to get the name of the prison.


RMSI - Riverbend Maximum Security Institution
MCCX - Morgan County Correctional Complex

Step 3

Go to the State Prisons List to select the prison and locate the address for the prison.

Step 4

Address the envelope with the offender's committed name, TOMIS identification number and the correct institutional address of the offender recipient. Aliases may be included when such have been legally changed through the court.

All letters must contain a return name and address.


Offender Name/TOMIS ID Number
Name of Prison
Address of Prison