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The Mobile AJC's are available for employee recruitment. The Units will provide a facility to recruit, accept applications, and hold interviews for potential employees. 

The Mobile AJC's have 10 workstations with computers available for employer testing and/or assessments. A 42” Color TV/DVD/CD with Smart Board capabilities is also available. 

The Mobile American Job Center serves as an outreach to veterans and ensures veterans' preference in referral to jobs and other services. Employment-related testing, training information, skills assessment, referral, and case management are among the services provided. 

The Mobile AJC's are available for recruitment for New Business Openings. The Units will provide a facility to recruit, accept applications, and hold interviews for potential employees. They will also be available for any computer testing, company orientations, or company training. 

There are 3 workshops that can be presented on the Mobile AJC's: Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills and, Job Searching Skills. 

  • The Resume Writing workshop includes a session in which claimants will receive instruction/assistance on how to write a resume' or how to critique a resume' that is already written. The session includes general guidelines, preliminary research, identifying information, objective statement, and summary of qualification statements. It will also include examples of cover letters, chronological, functional, and combination styled resumes. 
  • The Interviewing Skills workshop includes a workshop to provide knowledge that will enable claimants to update their interviewing skills. The workshop covers different types of interviews, pre-interview preparation, body language (positive/negative signals), types of interview questions, interviewing strategies, dressing for success, follow-up etiquette. 
  • The Job Searching Skills workshop includes a seminar to provide knowledge that will enable claimants to find jobs. The seminar will cover time management, job hunting, advanced scheduling, making yourself accountable, keeping accurate records, research techniques, networking, and conducting internet job searches. 

The Division of Adult Education provides educational opportunities for those adults seeking: basic skills upgrades for individuals whose reading, writing and/or math skills are below a 12.9 grade level equivalency, General Educational Development (GED) exam preparation for those who have not completed high school, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) for those individuals wishing to learn to read, write and speak the English language. 

If none of these services are needed, but you foresee your event benefiting from having the Mobile AJCs present, please check the “Special Events” box and use the “Comments” box to describe your event. 

These services can include representatives and assistance with Vocational Rehabilitation, Workforce Investment Act, Veteran’s Program, and/or Senior Community Service Employment Program. 

The Rapid Response team is made up of specialists who help with mass layoffs, usually 25 or more employees at a time. This team includes Tennessee American Job Center System representatives, the Area Dislocated Worker Coordinator, TN AFL-CIO (for unions, when applicable) and an Adult Education representative. Concerning the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program, it is a federally funded program that provides assistance to workers affected by job loss or their hours and wages are cut due to increased imports or a shift in production to a foreign country. Workers whose company is an upstream supplier to the primary company or a downstream finisher may also apply. The goal of the Trade Act program is to help trade-affected workers return to suitable employment as quickly as possible. 

LMI/Research and Statistics Section is the official source for all employment-related data for the state, the metropolitan areas, and the individual counties. The section works directly with the U. S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics to gather core labor market data that are comparable to information gathered nationwide. Information that may be provided includes: wage rates, skill levels, occupational and industry profiles, unemployment rates, education and training data, and much more. 

Services aimed at assisting offenders overcome barriers to employment. 

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