Accepted Certification Providers

Medical Impairment Rating Certification in AMA Guides®, 6th Edition

For appointments to the Medical Impairment Rating (MIR) Registry or the Certified Physician Program (CPP) Registry, the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation requires physicians to be certified in the AMA Guides®, 6th Edition, through an approved vendor. Physicians seeking appointments to either the MIR or CPP Registries must provide proof of certification issued by an approved vendor.

Bureau-Approved Vendors

Accepted AMA Guides®, 6th Edition, Certifications for Certified Physician Program and Medical Impairment Rating Registry:

CIR (Certified Impairment Rater)

CMLE (Certified Medicolegal Evaluator)

  • • Sponsored through IAIME (International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators)
  • 6th Edition Only
  • Exam cost: $875

CIME (Certified Independent Medical Examiner)

  • • Sponsored through ABIME (American Board of Independent Medical Evaluators)
  • 6th Edition Only
  • Exam cost: $995

Resources for Exam Preparation

Contact the CPP Coordinator to learn about special discounts for Tennessee Physicians.

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