Freeway Operations

The Freeway Operations Section works with the Regional Transportation Management Center coordinators and other TDOT staff to provide the training and resources for incident scene clearance on access controlled facilities in a safe and quick manner. The Office works to build relationships with law, fire EMS and other agencies responding to incident scenes. The Freeway Operations Section can be reached by contacting Traffic Operations Division at 615-253-1122.


Interagency Quick Clearance Memorandum of Understanding Between TDOT & TDOSHS (pdf)



Tennessee Traffic Operations and Safety Conference

Senior Drivers

Tennessee Yellow DOT Program


Move It brochure (pdf) In Tennessee, state law requires that motorists must make every reasonable effort to move disabled vehicles so as not to obstruct the regular flow of traffic, as long as the vehicle is drivable and there are no injuries.

Cable Median Barrier for Responders

Cable Median Barrier - Information for First Responder Activities (PowerPoint)

SmartWay Reports

TDOT SmartWay Reports

Reports and Plans

Strategic Plan for Highway Incident Management in Tennessee