Roadway Design Guidelines

Revised: September 19, 2023



CHAPTER                                                                                                                                        REVISION DATE

Chapter 1 General                                                                                                                          06/09/2022

Chapter 2 Geometric Design                                                                                                       04/28/2023

Chapter 3 Multimodal Design                                                                                                     09/06/2023

Chapter 4 Preliminary Plans Development                                                                             12/14/2022

Chapter 5 Right-Of-Way                                                                                                                06/23/2023

Chapter 6 Construction                                                                                                                [NEW]

Chapter 7  Item Numbers                                                                                                            09/19/2023

Chapter 8  (To be provided at a later date)

Chapter 9 General and Special Notes                                                                                       06/23/2023

Chapter 10 Index of Standard Drawings                                                                                  07/07/2023    



♦ - Revised Files


Archive Roadway Design Guidelines

Roadway Design Guidelines Notes & Footnotes

Highway - Rail Crossing Handbook

Railroad Safety Crossing Review 

Roadway Design Initial Studies Checklist                                                                 08/09/2021

Roadway Design Preliminary Checklist                                                                    08/09/2021

Roadway Design R.O.W. Checklist                                                                              01/24/2022

Roadway Design Construction Checklist                                                                 08/09/2021

Roadway Design Resurfacing Checklist                                                                   09/23/2020

FileNet Project Deliverables                                                                                        04/22/2021

Harmelink Guide

Financial Plan Example

Railroad Drainage Report Example

Environmental Guide



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