July 1, 2021 Special Called Meeting

July 1, 2021


July 1, 2021

2:00 pm


URL: https://bit.ly/3bEWo1Z Event password: 5corevalues Event number: 172 353 0962 Phone Number: 1-415-655-0001 Access code: 172 353 0962


Welcome & Introductions

 I.             Statement of Necessity

II.            Consent Items (Roll Call Vote on All)

                A.            Adoption of Agenda

                B.            2021 Basic Education Program (BEP) Review Committee
Approval of the 2021 BEC Review Committee membership.

III.           Action Items (Final Reading) (ROLL CALL VOTE ON ALL)

                A.           Educator Licensure Emergency Rule 0520-02-03-.03  through -.05 and -.10 through -.11
                               First and final reading of revisions to the Educator Licensure Rule to align with statutory changes from the 2021 legislative                                 session, including a streamlining of requirements for out-of-state educators seeking a Tennessee educator license.

                B.           School and Student Health Services Emergency Rule 0520-01-13-.01    
                               First and final reading of revisions to this rule to clarify procedures for students who must quarantine for a specific period                                 of time due to exposure to contagious diseases such as COVID-19.

                C.           Public Virtual Schools Emergency Rule 0520-01-03-.05   
                               First and final reading of revisions to this rule to add requirements regarding Virtual Education Programs.

IV.           Adjournment