February 8, 2019 SBE Meeting

February 8, 2019


February 8, 2019

9:00 am


House Hearing Room 2 1st Floor, Cordell Hull Building 425 5th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37243


I.             Consent Items (Voice Vote)

                A.            Adoption of Agenda

                B.            Approval of Minutes from October 19, 2018, December 11,
                               2018 Educator Preparation & Licensure Subcommittee Meeting,
                               January 8, 2019 Conference Call Meeting

               C.            2019 Basic Education Program (BEP) Review Committee

                              List of proposed 2019 BEP Committee members.

II.           Report Items

                A.            2018 Blue Ribbon Schools Recognition
                                Report on the 2018 Blue Ribbon Schools.

                B.            2018 National ESEA Distinguished Schools Recognition
                               Report on the 2018 National ESEA Distinguished Schools.

III.           Action Items (First Reading)

                A.             English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Policy 3.207
                                This item was removed from the agenda prior to the meeting.

                B.            Professional Assessments Policy 5.105
                                First reading to clarify expectations for out of state applicants’ use of the PLT or edTPA,  and to align with the Educator                                          Licensure and Educator Preparation Rules.

                C.            Teacher and Administrator Evaluation Policy 5.201
                                First reading to update the appendix with additional achievement measure selections.

                D.            K-5 STEM Permanent Course
                                First reading of a new STEM course for grades K-5.   Districts have requested this course, so they can provide students                                        with an opportunity to prepare for the 6-12 STEM courses.

                E.            Social Studies Standards
                               First reading to revise the Introduction and Appendix of the Tennessee Academic Standards for Social Studies.

                F.            High School Policy 2.103
                               First reading to correct the alternate assessment language and to add criteria for developing credit accrual programs to                                     eliminate barriers for students at risk of not graduating.

               G.           Educational Interpreters Policy 5.400
                              First reading to repeal this item as requirements for educational interpreters have been included in the Employment                                            Standards Rule.

               H.           Court-Ordered Day Treatment Facilities, Rule 0520-01-15 
                              First reading to provide clarity for LEAs in regards to T.C.A. § 49-3-370 as it relates to funding of educational services to                                          children in eligible court-ordered day treatment facilities.

                I.            Charter School Appeals Policy 2.500
                               First reading to clarify certain aspects of the appeal process and to ensue clear alignment to State Board Rule 0520-14-                                       01-.02 and other State Board policies.

                J.            Charter School Application Review Policy 6.300
                              First reading to clarify certain aspects of the appeal process and to ensure clear alignment to State Board Rule 0520-14-                                      01-.02 and other State Board policies.

               K.           Charter School Performance Framework
                              First reading to reflect feedback gathered from our authorized charter schools and reflections after our first year as an                                        authorizer.
                              Attachment - Academic                    Attachment - Financial

               L.           Charter School Oversight Evaluation Policy 6.500
                              First reading to clarify aspects of the oversight and evaluation process, specifically within the requiremens for data                                                collection and analysis. 

               M.          Charter School Quality Charter Authorizing Standards Policy 6.111
                              First reading to include an update that reflects revised national quality authorizing principles

               N.           Charter Schools, Rule 0520-14-01-.02
                              First reading to clarify certain aspects of the appeal process.

               O.           License Denial, Formal Reprimand, Suspension, & Revocation, Rule 0520-02-03-.09
                              First reading of revisions to the rule including additional detail and clarification on State Board processes for educator                                          discipline in alignment with the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act (UAPA) and clarification regarding educator due                                      process rights under the UAPA.

IV.          Action Items (Final Reading)

               A.           Charter School Intervention Policy 6.700
                              Final reading of item to update Level 3 Notice of Probationary Status to close gaps in the requirements.  Minor changes                                      have been made since first reading.

               B.           Promotion & Retention Policy 3.300
                             Final reading of item to update language for expectations aligned to grade level standards and to strengthen parent                                             notification.  Minor changes have been made since fist reading to incorporate feedback from the Teacher Advisory
                             Council regarding timeline and process.

              C.           English Language Arts Standards
                             Final reading to revise the introduction and appendix of the Tennessee Academic Standards for English Language Arts.                                       There have been changes since first reading.

              D.            Educator Preparation Policy 5.504             
                              Final reading to update the expectations for educator preparation providers in accordance with the Educator Preparation                                  Rule.  Minor changes have been made since first reading in January.

              E.            Literacy and Specialty Area Standards for Educator Preparation Policy 5.505
                             Final reading to update the expectations for educator preparation providers in accordance with national best practice and                                 program components in accordance with the Educator Preparation Rule and Policy.   Minor changes have been made
                             since first reading in January.

              F.           2018-19 Special Courses
                             Final reading of a list of special courses that are part of a district’s course offering to be approved for one, three, or six                                         years.  There have been no changes since first reading.

              G.           Career and Technical Education (CTE), Rule 0520-01-07-.03 and 0502-01-07-.04
                             Final reading to update language to include work-based learning in the Work Experience Agreement and Coordination and                               Supervision of Student Cooperative-Work Experience sections.  There have been no changes since first reading.

              H.           Career and Technical Education Course Standards
                             Final reading of five new career and technical education courses and 23 revised course standards within the STEM and                                       Marketing career clusters. These updates are based on input from secondary, postsecondary, and industry partners on                                     aligning programs of study with current trends.   Minor changes have been made since first reading.

              I.             Course Approval – Principles of Transition for Postsecondary Readiness                           
                             Final reading of three (3) new elective courses that are aimed at better preparing students with disabilities to enter                                               postsecondary education/training, employment, community involvement, and independent living.  Minor changes have                                     been made since first reading.
                             Attachment 1 - Introduction to Self-Determination
                             Attachment 2 - Focus on Adulthood
                             Attachment 3 - Planning for Postsecondary

              J.            Public Records Requests, Rule 0520-15-01
                             Final reading of item to transition the State Board of Education’s public records policy into a rule in compliance with Public                                 Chapter 712 of 2018.  Minor changes have been made since first reading.

              K.            Course Access Program, Rule 0520-01-14
                             Final reading of a new rule to outline processes for the application, approval, and monitoring of course access program                                       providers and courses.  Minor changes have been made since first reading to add a requirement to the provider approval                                 process regarding teacher evaluations.

              L.           Middle Grades Policy 2.102
                             Final reading to update policy to align with high school readiness indicators and strengthen supports for middle grades                                       students.  Minor changes have been made since first reading to make corrections to the alternate assessment language.

              M.           Approved High School Courses Policy 3.205
                             First and final reading to update course list to accurately reflect current Visual and Performing Arts course offerings and to                                 include the newly approved courses.

              N.           Homebound Instruction, Rule 0520-01-02-.10
                             First and final reading of revisions to the rule made by State Board staff, in conjunction with the Offaice of Coordinated                                       School Health at the Department of Education and the Metro Nashville Area Homebound Consortium, in order to align the                               rule with the recently enacted legislation.  There have been changes since first reading.

             O.            Amended List of State Approved Textbooks - Section D (Social Studies, World Languages, CTE:  Marketing; Finance; Business                                             Management & Administration)
                             First and final reading of the amended list of State Textbooks for Section D (Social Studies, World Languages, CTE:                                                 Marketing; Finance; Business Management and Administration.

               P.           Annual Performance Goals for 2018-19 District Accountability
                             First and Final Reading of  item to set 2018-19 district accountability targets in accordance with the state Every Student                                       Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan.

V.           Charter School Appeals

              A.           City University School Boys Preparatory Charter Appeal
                             Final reading of the appeal by City University School Boys Preparatory to the State Board of Education.

VI.         Teacher License Actions

               A.            Emily Case – Voluntary Surrender

               B.            Kandace Christopher – Voluntary Surrender                                                

               C.            Samuel Church – Suspension, 2 Years, with Proof of Completion of an Alcohol Treatment Program

               D.            Jason Eckford – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

               E.            Javier Gonzalez – Voluntary Surrender*

               F.            Robert Griffith – Voluntary Surrender

              G.           Tammy Handy – Suspension, 3 Months Retroactive

              H.          Cooper Jones – Voluntary Surrender

              I.             Jarrett Jones – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

              J.            Jeremiah Justice – Voluntary Surrender**

             K.           Loyd Clay Mayes – This item was removed at the Board meeting for harsher discipline

             L.           James K. McDaniel – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent**

             M.          John Moody – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

             N.           Lorrie Osborne – This item was removed at the Board meeting for more information

             O.           Kathleen Parker – Formal Reprimand

              P.            Brian Patton – Revocation, Automatic, Permanent

              Q.           William Perry – Voluntary Surrender

               R.           Edward Pierce – Suspension, 2 Years, with Proof of Completion of an Alcohol Treatment Program

               S.            Joseph Kyle Roberts – Voluntary Surrender*

               T.           Steven Snyder – Revocation, Automatic*

               U.           Felippia Turner-Kellogg – Restoration

               V.           Ashley Wright – This item was removed at the Board meeting for harsher discipline

VII.          Election of Board Officers

VIII.          Adjournment