February 15: Dr. Lametra Scott


Dr. Lametra Scott is the founder of Breaking The SSickle Cell Foundation, Inc. By profession, she is a pharmacist. She obtained her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy and she also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology obtained from the University of Memphis. Dr. Scott‘s educational training, healthcare background and personal experience of being a sickle cell trait carrier and the mother of a child with sickle cell disease, have afforded her the opportunity and ability to use the lack of knowledge of sickle cell disease within the community as a means to bridge the gap and make efforts to break the sickle cell cycle. She finally uncovered the “bigger picture” and discovered the purpose in the pain of her son having sickle cell anemia.

Dr. Scott realized that by promoting and providing sickle cell disease awareness, education and service, this is an opportunity to turn something potentially negative for her family into something positive for others and also contribute to improving the quality of life for all those touched by sickle cell disease rather directly or indirectly. These factors all worked together and lead to the founding of Breaking the SSickle Cell Cycle Foundation, Inc. in 2012.