Tennessee Immunization Information System (TennIIS)

The Tennessee Immunization Information System (TennIIS) is a statewide Immunization Information System (IIS) developed by the Tennessee Department of Health to be a single source of immunization records for Tennessee residents of all ages.  

Authorized TennIIS users can include healthcare providers, pharmacists, school and daycare administration.  Through TennIIS, authorized users can access the Immunization Certificate Validation Tool (ICVT) to print out validated Official Immunization Certificates for children with complete records, validation failure reports for children with incomplete records, and temporary certificates for children who are as up-to-date as possible.  TennIIS also serves as the online Vaccine Ordering Management System (VOMS) for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program. 

To register a facility in TennIIS, please complete the online TennIIS Facility Registration Application located on the TennIIShomepage

Information on Meaningful Use and Electronic Data Exchange is available here: