Surgical Site Infections (SSI)

Infections following surgical procedures are called surgical site infections (SSI).  In the state of Tennessee, infections following coronary artery bypass graft surgeries have been reportable since January 1, 2008. Infections following hip prosthesis surgeries and those following cardiac surgery were reportable until 2012. Infections following abdominal hysterectomy and colon surgery are reportable as of January 1, 2012.  Monthly reporting of numerator and denominator data is ongoing for each surgical procedure unless otherwise specified.

For details on reporting requirements, please see the information provided below.

Which health care facilities need to report?

All hospitals performing any of the surgical procedures listed below, excluding critical access hospitals.

What information must be reported?

All procedures with ICD-10-PCS or CPT codes which correspond to CBGB, CBGC, HYST or COLO operative procedures in the following document:

Denominator data is required for all patients undergoing CBGB, CBGC, HYST, and COLO procedures. Data may be entered manually or uploaded from a surgical software extract in the required format.

How should the information be reported?

Those who report must use the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) software application.

For more information see the following links.

SSI Forms – Numerator

SSI Forms - Denominator