Water and Wastewater Operator Certification

Who Needs One?

Each person in direct charge at a water treatment plant, a wastewater treatment plant, a water distribution system, or a wastewater collection system must have a certificate in a grade equal to or higher than the grade of the treatment plant, distribution system, or collection system he/she operates.

What Information Must I Provide?

Applicants must submit a signed, sworn and notarized copy of "Department of Environment and Conservation Water/Wastewater Operator Certification Application for Certificate of Competency" (Form CN-0704). Applicants must also submit a copy of any verifying documents as required by the application (e.g.,proof of education). Applicants must submit a separate application for each certification on an original form.

Form Description Form Number  
Water/Wastewater Operator Certification - Application for Certificate of Competency CN-0704


How Will My Application Be Processed?

Completed application forms and application fees must be sent to the Operator Certification Board office at least sixty days (post mark date) prior to the examination date. A detailed review of the application is conducted, and staff of the Board makes a recommendation to approve, disprove, or refer to the Board each applicant. Incomplete applications are returned to the applicants who have ten (10) days to submit the required information. If an amended application is not received the application will be denied and the applicant must submit a new application for consideration. Upon approval by the Board, the applicant may take any one scheduled examination during the following twelve (12) months. Certifications must be renewed annually. A discount cost rate applies until February 1. From February 1 until June 30, a standard rate applies. Certifications are cancelled if not renewed by June 30. Certifications are not transferable.

What Fees Are Required?

  • Certification Application Fee: $100
  • Annual Renewal Fee: $50 (if received prior to February 1)
    $100 (if received after February 1)

What Are My Rights and Responsibilities After the Permit is Approved?

The applicant has the right to proceed with activities outlined in the approved certification. They must notify the Department of any changes to application information. The applicant is responsible for following all applicable state statutes and regulations. Applicants have the right to appeal a certification that has been suspended or revoked.

What Are the Division’s Rights and Responsibilities After the Permit is Approved?

The Commissioner has the right to suspend or revoke the issuance of a certification to any applicant who violates the state statutes or departmental regulations. Any person who violates or fails to comply with the state statutes, rules, or regulations may be subject to civil penalties.

Whom Do I Contact For Applications, Assistance and Other Information?

Applicants may obtain applications and information from the Operator Certification Board Office at the Fleming Training Center.

Applicants may refer to the following publications for further information: