Non-Competitive Grant

Resources for Grantees

  • TDEC Presentation: March 2023 Non-Competitive Grant Workshop (added 03/16/2023)
  • American Rescue Plan (ARP) Non-Competitive Grant Contract (added 2/17/2023)
    This pro forma grant contract outlines the terms and conditions for all non-competitive grant awards. Individual grant contracts will specify the approved infrastructure type, project award type, maximum liability, recipient contact information, and the Grant Budget. All other terms and conditions will remain unchanged.
  • Asset Management Plan Guide (added 01/20/2023)
    This guide highlights the connection between building a comprehensive asset management plan (AMP) and addressing critical needs identified as red flags in the Tennessee Infrastructure Scorecard (Scorecard). Users should use this guide to assist addressing Scorecard AMP red flags to meet grant criteria as described in the Non-Competitive Grant Manual. Some utilities may have asset management programs and plans that far exceed this guide and its companion templates. Other utilities may have elements of an AMP but lack the type of comprehensive plan that meets the grant requirements. Even if your utility has a robust AMP, your utility should use this guidance to assess your current AMP for areas of potential updates.

These companion Tennessee Asset Management Templates are Microsoft Excel Workbooks designed to help users assemble the minimum required data and information to begin building a comprehensive AMP. These workbooks will assist entities in identifying the criticality and potential improved needs of their drinking water, wastewater, and/or stormwater assets.

  •  TDEC Recording: Proper Procurement for ARP Non-Competitive Grant Applicants (added 12/20/2022)
    Please Note: The recorded presentation misspeaks about "baby Davis bacon" compliance. ARP legislation states that Davis-Bacon applies for contracts greater than $10,000,000, not less than. The guidance also states that although you do not have a Davis- Bacon clause in contracts funded by ARP for less than $10M, if you combine ARP funds with other federal funds on prime construction contracts above $2,000, Davis- Bacon may be triggered if the rule is applicable for that source of funding.

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Common Funding Errors for DWR-ARP Non-Collaborative Applications

Common Funding Errors for DWR-ARP Collaborative Applications

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