State Report Card

The State Report Card is a one-stop shop to find information on how Tennessee districts and schools are performing across the state and an important tool for parents and families, educators, communities, and elected officials to understand how our schools and districts are serving all our students.

The 2022-23 State Report Card includes a dashboard of detailed, easy-to-understand information about school and district performance, including achievement, growth, attendance, English learners’ proficiency, graduation rate, and postsecondary readiness.

This year, the 2022-23 State Report Card has been enhanced to include School Letter Grades and a TISA calculator to demonstrate how students generate funds under the new state funding formula. State-level data is also provided as a reference to understand how schools and districts are performing in comparison with others across the state.

Click the image above to access the 2022-23 State Report Card

Schools, districts, parents and community members can access current and former datasets published on the State Report Card via Data Downloads. For additional information on our Accountability business rules, please review the 2022-23 Federal Accountability Protocol and 2022-23 Letter Grade Protocol and Appeals Guide.