Northwest Correctional Complex

Photo of Warden Brandon Watwood

Warden Brandon Watwood

960 State Route 212

Tiptonville, Tennessee 38079

(Lake County)

(731) 253-5000


The Northwest Correctional Complex (NWCX), located in Tiptonville, has the operating capacity to house 1,776 male inmates with custody levels ranging from minimum to close.  NWCX also serves as the primary facility within TDOC to house juvenile offenders who have been convicted as adults.

Site 2 of the NWCX originally opened in 1981 as the Lake County Regional Correctional Facility.  In 1992, an additional site (Site 1) became operational and together the NWCX was formed.

The facility offers a multitude of evidence-based programs to meet the rehabilitative needs of offenders.  NWCX offers academic opportunities including Adult Basic Education (ABE) and High School Equivalency (HiSET) exam prep courses.  Vocational programming at the facility includes Career Management for Success, Core Carpentry I & II, Core Masonry I & II, Core Plumbing I & II, and Core Construction. NWCX also addresses the behavioral health needs of inmates by offering programs like cognitive behavior intervention, mental health supportive living unit, substance use therapeutic community, and workforce development.  The facility also offers the only juvenile program in the state focused on cognitive behavioral intervention for offenders under 18.

Through community partnerships, NWCX offers:

Additionally, NWCX provides over 100,000 hours of community service annually through various projects to state and local government entities and non-profit organizations. 

Offenders not involved in academic, vocational, or community service programs are required to work in support service roles throughout the prison including landscaping, janitorial services, or food services.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the Northwest Correctional Complex.