Rehabilitative Services

This mission of the Tennessee Department of Correction is to operate safe and secure prisons and provide effective community supervision in order to enhance public safety.  Rehabilitative Services is committed to this mission and understands that the best way to protect the public is by providing effective, evidenced-based programming that inculcates fundamental skills in individuals under TDOC supervision so that they can lead independent, productive and successful lives. 

This is done through a multidisciplinary, phased approach that begins with an empirically validated risk and needs assessment instrument that identifies a person's risk to re-offend as well as recommend treatment pathways in order to reduce this risk.  These individuals are then prescribed a temporal treatment and education plan.

Using systematic empirical knowledge, individuals are assessed annually for cognitive and behavioral changes and their trajectory adjusted based on their individual progress and growth.  The education we provide is exceptional, the therapy we administer is skillfully applied, and our counseling and supervision provides significant personal support representing a full-hearted commitment to the strategy of rehabilitation that effectively reduces recidivism.