Our Mission, Vision, & Values


Protecting Tennesseans, empowering professionals.


Serving our customers through balanced oversight of insurance and regulated professions while enhancing consumer advocacy, education, and public safety.


Customer centered, efficient & strategic, ethical & transparent, respectful & engaged, and innovative leaders.


Ensuring the success of our professionals who serve our community is a large part of our job here at the Department of Commerce and Insurance. The division of Regulatory Boards comprises 23 professional boards, programs and commissions that license and regulate over 200,000 professionals within the state of Tennessee. Everything from your hairdresser to your home inspector - we ensure that those professionals get the education and licensing they need to provide consumers with the best possible service. Our TennCare Oversight division maintains the highest integrity of regulating managed care companies that service over 1 million TennCare enrollees.


Improving safety is a key initiative within Commerce and Insurance. Fire Prevention has saved the lives of many Tennesseans through its Get Alarmed program, while our Fire Academy and Firefighting Commission continues to train and certify hundreds of new recruits and volunteers annually. Right now our Emergency Communications division is leading the nation to improve 911 technology, which gives us the ability to locate 911 calls from cell phones - a huge improvement for Tennesseans everywhere. In the area of Law Enforcement, our training academy trains hundreds of officers and arms them with the skills to protect us and our loved ones in our Tennessee communities.


The Department of Commerce and Insurance also provides consumer oriented services. The division of Insurance is one of the largest divisions within our agency. Insurance is responsible for enforcing our state’s insurance laws and regulating over 1700 insurance companies, and this allows Tennesseans to find the best insurance options to meet their needs and the needs of their families. Our Securities division regulates Tennessee investment advisors to protect consumers against investment fraud.